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Pandemic at the disco
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Anisha Saigal

I am an independent writer pursuing a Ph.D. in New Media. Everything I write here supports my expenses. Your contribution means the world!

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My childhood was made of simple things— reading and writing. Other ilks like cinema, food, music, dating, and the internet came along later (in no chronological order). My writing is a permutation, combination of the subject heads I've listed here. You'll find a critique on books you should read (instead of texting your toxic ex), films you must watch (instead of trying to embody the filmography list of the person you're currently dating/obsessing over), and then some more.

Current Obsessions

  • Mclaren 1-2 at Monza. Tattoo that win on my body.


  • Film: Chungking Express

  • Smile: Daniel Ricciardo

  • Instagram account: @boyswithplants

  • Streaming platform: Mubi

  • Dating app: Twitter

  • Least favourite topic of conversation: Hamilton vs Verstappen at the Monza '21.

In search of

  • Someone heading back from Bangkok. Need a few ingredients for my Thai Curry.

Best tips

  • Ramesh Taurani's Race. If you know, you know.


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